Tips for better concentration

Concentration is an extremely elusive hands or our brains phenomenon. Especially in terms of thousands of things that lead to distraction, including popular social networks like Facebook, communication platforms such as Skype and anything else. Increasingly difficult to stay immune to the enormous volume of information that they bay from everywhere, and to focus on one thing.

Get noise out

To concentrate on the person he needed minutes – usually about fifteen to “come, as they say in the state.” If something permanent sound around you – chats in Skype, personal messages to Facebook, other side alarms then you will never be able to focus quality. This also applies to your phone – if you have something very important to do, notify relatives and acquaintances do not violate your concentration.

Be sensitive to the environment around you

A “middle” here meant the room in which you work. Try to be adjusted so that you are facing the various possible sources of distraction. Doors, windows, landlines … just save them against the loss of valuable moments achieved focus. Just think about – if the telephone rings and you can not answer, and you’re on the other side of the room … will not crossing the room to break your concentration?

Allocate array of tasks

Sometimes the tasks assigned to us, are so huge volume that have neither beginning nor end. There is nothing more demotivating and eliminating the focus of a similar array. So – if you have a really large project, divide it into separate parts and think of how it will proceed on them. Advance planning will take a minute, but then can save you hours.

Clarify your objectives

You must be aware of the purpose you want to achieve before you start. If you are not sure what should be the final result of this confusion will cost focus. When writing articles for example, always keep in mind what is the main idea of ​​piasnieto your structure, the end and the beginning. If all is hazy, then the actual process of writing it would be quite cumbersome and burdensome.

Put your deadline

The deadline is a real horror for the majority of the human population. In terms of achieving concentration, it has both good and bad sides. It can help you to forget quite quickly unimportant information and improve productivity. However, you are aware of how much time you can worry about how much time you have left … instead of concentrating on their task. So it must be very careful with organizing and following deadlines, lest they prove counterproductive.

Get secluded

No need to become a hermit … but at least for the time period in which you, really need to do something important isolate people. Estestvneo if your work does not include hearty communication with people. Give a signal that it is not because something bad has happened to you, but simply want to indulge in full the tasks that lie ahead.