100% Focused and Productive (2in1): 50 Great Ways To Improve Your Focus And Concentration And Work Smarter Not Harder (How To Be 100% Book 9)

2 BOOKS IN 1!!!

Read 100% Focused

And Learn How To…

Be Aware of How Your Mind WorksSet Your Priorities and Create a SchedulePrepare Your Working EnvironmentPrepare Your Response Toward DistractionsDo One Task at a TimeFinish the Current Task Before Moving To Another OneThe Mind Sprint ExerciseTask Narration ExerciseImprove Your Attention SpanAlternate Difficult Tasks with Easy OnesTake Breaks Strategically In Your Working HoursGet Enough Hours of Sleep at NightMeditate RegularlyImprove Your Self-Discipline by Creating Beneficial HabitsDivide Large Tasks into Smaller TasksStop Bad Habits One at a TimeDeclare Your Dreams and Life GoalsUse Your Working Momentum WiselyManage Your EnergyReward Yourself for Accomplishing an Important taskUse Gamification to Improve Your FocusImprove Your Brain’s CirculationMaintain Correct PostureAnd Much Much More

Read 100% Productive

And Learn How To …

Break Down Big TasksMake a ListKnow

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