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Says a recent writer: She has carried rails and Bibles, free-schools and steamboats, telegraphs and libraries to India, all for the benefit of those half-naked barbarians. They are beautiful renditions of brawny barbarians with only a loin cloth and boots, facing a demonic creature with sword in hand, while an almost nude woman cowers behind them. She found shelter with an Amazonian tribe who taught her the ways of the blade, and her powerful fire magic can wreak havoc on the battlefield if you kill enough gnomes for potions. Or let us turn our eyes away from Ireland across the ocean, toward that happy land of emancipation. Warlord was created by the great Mike Grell and told the story of a Vietnam War pilot who flew through a hole in the Earth to the kingdom of Skartaris. Says a writer on Ireland:

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Come with us as we quantify every lady berserker in history, using a complex series of rating mechanisms that no ordinary broadsword could handle.

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Now on to why she deserves the second to highest spot on this list. So most barbarians wore some kind of armor, even if only quilted or leather. I recently read a collection of Conan stories as written by Robert Jordan in which he is always described as wearing a chain hauberk. Her climactic moment comes when a jailer is attempting to force himself on her, so she uses her muscled thighs to painfully crush his penis and then throws him into a pool of acid. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

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