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Their bodies are locked together in lust. He just had to take her home and fuck her brains out. He holds her hair while she jerks it with one hand and caresses his balls with the other hand, sucking him hard. Then he actually lifted her in the air and fucked her with her body hanging in the air. Veronica Rodriguez just got off the plane, and she's horny as hell, so it's the perfect time to try a sexy social experiment.

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That when he turned her over and started jamming her on his hard cock so hard that he was approaching orgasm very fast.

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He put her body in such position that one of her butt cheeks were just in front of him, along with that wet little pussy below. I grabbed her slim waist, slamming vigorously into her pelvis, over and over harder and harder, my balls slamming against her cunt. The more I look, the more my blood pressure rises. While he stands and takes off his clothes the young naked woman lies on her belly and sucks his big dick. I had spent hours riding around Miami with my pals in the van until I finally found a smoking hot brunette babe and I convinced her to get on the van and ride with us, in hopes of becoming a big famous model.

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