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It is hard to be a mom, and sometimes we do reach points where we just snap. A fellow non-celebrity mom stated that when she moved to Texas with her children, she immediately felt a lot of pressure to spank her children. Moreover, corporal punishment has only been shown to be effective under very narrow conditions, which the vast majority of corporal punishment proponents neither follow nor are even aware of. She rarely receives spankings because she remembers she hates it and it's a good threat when needed. Europeans who express pro-spanking points of view today are in risk of harassment in their home countries, which is why pro-spankers, unlike their anti-spanking counterparts, often seek protection in anonymity and pseudonymity. I do not trust other people's tempers and never will.

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I don't want to call myself "pro-spanking" but I do give my DD a love tap on her tush from time to time.

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Sometimes it takes repeated attempts to learn the right way of doing things. The goal Is for them to listen when we say no, and when they dont, they recieve a small swat, they have to learn right and wrong. For me spanking is last resort, after warnings and time outs. She has learned to respect the rules of our house even if she doesnt agree with, or claim to understand them. It's not too different from my point of view. The idea of Aunt K spanking them has been a sufficient deterrent.

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