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This will help accentuate your curves and imitate an hourglass shape even though you're working on the two-dimensional surface of the photo. Warm up the Room — ok, so a practical tip and perhaps an obvious one. Is it okay to have erotic photos of myself on my phone when I'm under 18 as long as I don't share them with anyone? Cookies make wikiHow better. If it's behind you, you'll appear as a silhouette; if it's to the front or side, you'll end up with shadows, which you can use for dramatic effect.

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Sending a poorly composed dick pic is worse than not sending one at all, so you will need to ensure that your dick pic stands out for the right reasons.

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9 Nude Photography Tips

Also, bear in mind that a surefire way to increase the eroticism of your dick pic is by including your hands. Stay within your comfort zone. This is the person you want to be aroused by your dick pic, so listen to their comments for ways to improve. All of this is to say that, if you want to create a positive dick pic experience for you and your recipient, you've got to establish consent first. Be very careful about sharing your photos with others — particularly in electronic format. You'll feel more relaxed in front of the camera knowing that you already look stunning, and you won't have to do as many if any photo touch-ups afterwards. Not Helpful 11 Helpful

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