Farting sensation during deep penetration

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Just don't be shy and look for some porn with female squirting. Is there any natural way to lift up sagging breasts? During sex I started to talk about this and I confessed her, that the feeling of her fluid is absolutely arrousing and even the smell is turning me extremely on. I have a new partener whom wants to please me as much as I please him. But now my partner enjoys the way it feels so I release as he demands. Next time I felt a possible urge I was once again on top a few months later and I tilted my hips and no problem. I think he stuck it in the wrong hole.

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Well, it depends on whether you are wearing pants.

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Seriously, Science?

I am very happy to have read this article and feel much more comfortable talking to my doctor. Also, my girl urinates in certain positions, but not others, and the more intense she is aroused, the more urine is produced. At first he was ok with it except I wrecked my bed not remembering I do this. T problem the specialist that I see has stated that my kegel muscles are strong. It didn't do my manly ego any good to have my partner use the words"I'm changing the sheets tomorrow" as a coded invitation to sex! I have only had this problem the last 12 months my partner has not noticed really he thinks it female ejaculation and is well impressed with himself as he feels he has improved in the bed area. And to make matters worse, it doesnt even feel that great, like theres hardly any feeling at all which in turn makes me wonder if its even any form of orgasm.

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farting sensation during deep penetration
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farting sensation during deep penetration
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