Will shotgun slugs penetrate soft armor

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He was also looking for steel core bullets too. With no reason given for being banned!: I imagine you could also load a. What plate may stop some mean rounds, you still do not wanna get hit with that much kinetic force. Shotguns are the trackstars of contraversy.

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Body Armor vs Ammo; What Armor Stops What Ammo

All times are GMT This will be a relatively slow stop, requiring lots of layers more than normal, and dissipating potentional impact energy over a much longer period of time. Level IV armors offer the highest available protection, and are not stocked by all manufacturers or distributors. Trauma plates usually will get penetrated if worn exterior to the kevlar as some are designed to be wornbut do help spread out some of the force of the impact. The metal blunts the spitzer point, so what passes through into the kevlar has no bc because it is in a squishy mutilated shape. It is possible to get Level I armor, the lowest available, but most manufacturers only offer Level IIa and above.

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will shotgun slugs penetrate soft armor
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will shotgun slugs penetrate soft armor
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