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We sincerely thank our thousands of members, donors and sponsors, who have decided to get involved and support the MarineBio Conservation Society. Untilonly one manned submarine device has ever reached the bottom of Mariana trench at almost 11, m: Tonguefish at the edge of the Sulfur Cauldron at Daikoku volcano. Although most of the deep seafloor has oxygen, there are exceptions in isolated basins with no circulation. When startled or attacked by a predator, some species of sea cucumbers release a toxic chemical known as holothurin that has the ability to kill — or at least stun — any animal in its vicinity.

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Shells of dead mussels dissolve very quickly, but the community maintains a high density.

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Mariana Trench: It Doesn't Get Any Deeper

This is by having "loose" flexible proteins and unsaturated membranes which do not stiffen up in the cold. After the first vent discoveries, other unexpected high-density deep-sea ecosystems were found. We greatly appreciate all feedback! Sea cucumbers can be found calmly crawling on the seafloor, but their goofy appearance and benign demeanor hide a dark secret. This noodle-like beast, Bathyphysa coniferwas seen off the coast of Angola in by workers at the oil and gas company BP. We spent much of April glued to a livestream of the deep ocean, filmed from a remotely operated vehicle piloted by researchers aboard the Okeanos Explorer.

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bottom of the pictures deep ocean
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bottom of the pictures deep ocean
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