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In the gym, men - and men only - took all their clothes off, poured oil over their bodies and then had it scraped off, and then they exercised naked, including wrestling together. Such parody makes it more socially acceptable than an older man performing it seriously Cowan Attempting to make up for his lack of status when he has the chance to do so, he both over-compensates his expression of desired masculini- ty, perhaps producing an almost comic parody role model. The exclusivity of the male domain makes it an interesting area within which to examine different forms and subtleties of masculinity. While the Olympic forms of wrestling Freestyle, Judo and Greco-Roman have female representation Judo being the first female wrestling form to appear in the Olympics, in within tradi- tional forms such as Sumo there is some resistance to the growth of female participation Women are only allowed to compete at non-professional level in Japan. For ancient Greeks, going to the gym was never just about sport.

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Even the cabbage-eared boxer, sweaty from the fray, had his passionate admirers.

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Here we can see two pictures emerging; The physical trial of wrestling may now be seen as a liminal stage of masculinity through which some men will pass. The paradoxes of Masculinity: He is reduced to a hu- miliated child by a boy who emulates the supreme man. In effect, he has achieved a status higher than that of the wrestler. What type of machos are our young Pelivans training to be?

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