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It has been suggested that sperm retention takes place via the biological function of the female orgasm aiding that particular male's chances of fertilising the ovum 4. Why do people like getting tied up? Within a short space of time, oestrus females can have sex with many partners and experience cumulative orgasms. There are also tips on making uber sexy fun times happen, and real life examples and case studies of rope bondage fuelled awesomeness. Or is she just feeling horny and in need of a male to animate her reductive, prelapsarian fantasy? Of course, some men also enjoy being tied down while their girlfriends enjoy being the dominant ones.

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Three stages were noted, firstly an excitement phase in response to clitoral and vaginal stimulation, secondly a plateau phase where the monkey grunts, calls, makes an open mouthed face and reaches out, and finally a resolution phase, post orgasm, where the female tries to escape.

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She is ready to get roughly tied up, that makes her even hornier and wetter. What do they get out of it? Do not miss the heated atmosphere. But women field primatologists studying wild apes and monkeys interpreted the sexual physiology of the female primate differently and accepted that orgasm occurs naturally and did not need to be proved. Clearly those women did not choose Gengis, he chose them for their looks and virginity. From DNA data it has been estimated that 13th century Mongol emperor and war lord Gengis Khan has approximately 16 million male descents alive today 6. From anonymous male Dear Carole, Why does my girlfriend enjoy being tied up?

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beeing tied i find sexy
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beeing tied i find sexy
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