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So we totally get it if touching yourself in front of your other half doesn't exactly rank highly on the list of things you're immediately comfortable doing in the bedroom. I swear she was putting on a show for me on purpose, the way she was moving like she knew I was watching. My very own happy ending at no additional charge. It's pretty great most other times. That, and just seeing someone in pleasure is arousing. A website by Thought. Something's just so sexy about it.

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I know every nook and cranny of her body by heart and that photo sent me deep into the dirty zone.

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12 Men Reveal Exactly What Made Them Masturbate Most Recently

Looking for a fun night out? She was bending this way and that, boobs jiggling, doing her thing, and then she was gone. So in efforts to boost your confidence, we asked guys on Reddit to see what they had to say about their other half pleasing herself in front of the them, and well, it just happens to be quite a major fantasy of theirs. Yes, it's hot, it's worth doing. The other day I was sitting across from this beautiful woman on the subway who was staring at her phone and something she read or saw suddenly shocked her. I jacked off in the shower minutes later fantasizing about fucking her from behind, doggy style.

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i ordered him to masturbate
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