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A strip search is more intrusive than a frisk and requires legal authority. Four male teenage students were strip searched in Ansonia High School Ansonia, Connecticut[4] and they are now suing the two teachers and principal who allegedly violated their rights. These people also did not wear gloves either. Golden [2] that "strip-searches may only be done out of clear necessity with the permission of a supervisor and by members of the same sex. This article is about the legal procedure. In North America, civil lawsuits, as well as criminal code charges against strip searches have usually been successful when a person is strip searched by someone of the opposite sex, especially in cases where a woman has been strip searched by a male guard or guards. It's always nice to think you'll keep it real when they start dropping the "You Have the Right To

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About 20 people were standing around, mostly guys, with one man filming the dogs and another guy having the lady open her suitcase again, with all her underwear falling out.

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The customs lady gave me some more grief about my light bags and business-class ticket and then took my passport into the office to "debrief" her boss. See All Toronto Conversations. Transnistria declared independence from Moldova, after a civil war, right before the fall of the USSR. One of them then led me down a separate corridor with red lines painted on the linoleum floor, a la Snake Plissken going to see the Warden in Escape From New York. This article has multiple issues. They wanted to argue but I just yelled at them to get out.

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customs strip search stories
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customs strip search stories
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