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We had some issues with neighbors burning HUGE piles of green brush in their backyard. Is it worth that? Just so it looks bad on there side if they don't like it! I have the meanest selfish neighbors in the whole world! So now that stared a war never would have guessed!! Every time we asked him to turn down the volume he never did. Obnoxious sophomoric cheese whiz ballads screamed by a Republican booze salesman.

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You might have read about my psycho neighbors and their loud, nearly all-night parties in their backyard, even on weeknights.

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Getting back at my neighbor...need a speaker that will shake the walls.

Hopefully you're enjoying the place now! If this doesn't work, it may be legal and feasable to turn of the power to their apartment, and if they whine about it, let them know that this is a petition of all the neighbors. Try the 9th symphony. Tabula Rasa is a great friggin' CD though. I had a neighbour who's son used to do 'burn out's' at 10 at night, in his old shit box B. Don't react, no matter how much you want to. Otherwise, I'd say Yoko Ono's singing.

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cds to annoy asshole neighbors
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cds to annoy asshole neighbors
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