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Aela smirked and sat up on her knees "you honestly think your lust is lost on us? Click here for Sex dating! And yet it is not. The loser has to give a tonge bath to the winner. The three soon hit a fast steady rhythm, Aela laid back on the bed holding Lydia's face to her cunt grinding against her mouth as she lustfully feasted on her, Mathias's hand had returned to Lydia's hip with the other and now was fucking her with everything he could give whilst holding his Werewolf strength back, Lydia climaxed over and over as the minutes passed and her rampant tongue brought Aela over the edge with her more than a couple of times. She ran a finger down her front to between her legs slowly circling her sensitive centre making her shudder with pleasure, Lydia keened with every hard thrust into her making her body jolt up the bed, her breasts rubbed against the soft fur covers and with every thrust the broad head of Mathias's cock slammed against her cervix making her pant harder.

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‘lydia’ stories

Totally Taboo Caught Erotica Oct 29, Sucking on the Housecarl's tongue Aela let out a low animalistic growl into her mouth, Lydia moaned at the action kissing her deeper, she had never revealed her bisexual tendencies to anyone and greatly welcomed the chance to act on them, just because her desires mainly fell on Mathias didn't mean that Aela wasn't completely in her bad books. Lydia turned to Mathias to see him nod in agreement "you can't hide from us" he grated tapping his nose "I can smell you a mile off" he added as Lydia began to wring her hands together "you could have just told us your desires, it's as if you don't know me at all". Nabokov famously did it. This is a story of my discovery of group sex.

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erotic stories lydia
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erotic stories lydia
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