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Until we resolve the issues, subscribers need not log in to access ST Digital articles. Parodied in Calvin and Hobbes: I was going to put it in the post but ran out of room. One could claim that National Geographic really had to go out of their way to photograph nude Europeans while most maybe nearly all? Also a bit of white nudity, but in both cases usually female only.

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But oh the white woman must be censored to leave something to the imagination and look more civilized so ppl respect her. They had puss coming from their ears and private parts, they had no toilet paper, they had no clean water in most of the places of Europe, they had regular hungers because the weather destroyed the crops, they lived in small huts with animals on winter and had perhaps one candle and fireplace to warm and for light, in cities they had stone buildings with no central heating and regular folks lived in houses with one or two rooms with perhaps 5 to 7 kids, rats were all over the palce as well as ticks and other parasites. It is no big deal. They clearly are selling sex—that girl above is not. So how are you supposed to shower? The nudity here is rampant, and part of the film's statement on the struggle between civilized and uncivilized societies which the director intended as a slur against the Italian media. Older books are even more extreme, with the female figure being extensively featured completely nude in a variety of dramatic poses, photographed from every angle with close-ups of breasts and buttocks, and the male figure being modeled by one or two gentlemen in inert standing poses, wearing some form of underwear and with their faces censored out.

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national geographic nude girls in the wilderness
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national geographic nude girls in the wilderness
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